I would like to offer this simple web site as a source of light and inspiration to all people who wish to create a brighter way of life for themselves, their families and friends, and all living things.

Whenever you feel worried or confused, and you want to turn your thoughts in a more positive direction, try this method:

To begin with, exhale slowly and relax your breathing as much as you can.

Next, inhale thinking: I am one with the universe.

Exhale thinking: I am one with all living things.

Do this as many times as you wish. When you are ready, you can try the full method:
Inhale thinking: I am one with the universe.

Pause and think: Think something wonderful!

Exhale thinking: I am one with all living things.

August 24, 2015

Each of us needs to give thought to the question of how long we would like to live, and what would be the best way to die. In facing such issues, we can naturally live and die with good timing.

from Evolving with the Universe

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